The Singing City

Dolores Melodia, Michele Signore, and Lucilla Galeazzi (ÖFM © Mercan Sümbültepe)

On November-December 2018, the Austrian Filmmuseum dedicated a film retrospective to Elvira Notari (1875–1946), the Neapolitan film pioneer of the early silent era. Italian folk music stars Lucilla Galeazzi, Dolore Melodia, and Michele Signore contributed to outstanding live musical accompaniments for the films ‘ A Santanotte (1922), È piccerella (1922), Fantasia ‘e surdato (1926), as well as Roberto Roberti’s masterpiece Napoli che canta (1926).

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Rosita or The found music

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Restored in 2017 by the MoMA of New York, Ernst Lubitsch’s film Rosita has been recently presented at the XXXII edition of “Il Cinema Ritrovato”, in Bologna, in a musical reconstruction edited by Gillian Anderson and performed by the Mitteleuropa Orchestra. The American composer and musicologist reconstructed Rosita‘s score on the basis of a 1923 cue sheet, drawn from the accompanying music by Louis Ferdinand Gottschalk.

Francesco Finocchiaro, Il Cinema ritrovato: Rosita di Ernst Lubitsch recupera le sue musiche, “Amadeus”, June 29, 2018