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Project Leader: Francesco Finocchiaro, Ph.D.


Francesco Finocchiaro studied Oboe at Catania Conservatory and Musicology at the University of Bologna. His research interests focus on the points of connection between composition, theory, and aesthetics in twentieth-century music. He has dedicated his studies to the Second Viennese School and has released the Italian edition of Arnold Schönberg’s treatise The Musical Idea (Astrolabio-Ubaldini, 2011). He has also published extensively on film music, with particular regard to the relationship between cinema and musical avant-garde. He has taught in Italy at the Universities of Bologna, Milan, Florence, Catania, Padua, and in Austria at the University of Vienna.

From 2013 to 2019 he was a Senior Research Scientist on silent film music at the Department of Musicology of the University of Vienna.

From 2019 to 2022, he was Full Time Professor of Music History at the Padua, Mantua, and Rovigo Conservatories.

Since 2023, he is Research Scientist at the University of Milan.


Film Music as a Problem in German Print Journalism (1907–1930)
FWF-Project P 28792 (2016–2019)

Department of Musicology, University of Vienna
Spitalgasse 2–4, Hof 9 (Campus) | 1090 Vienna | Austria | @FMJournalism


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