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The FMJ Archive is a product of the research project Film Music as a Problem in German Print Journalism (1907–1930), realized in collaboration with the Deutsche Kinemathek Berlin and Phaidra, the digital repository of the University of Vienna’s Library. It has been inserted in Kulturerbe digital, a Working Group at the Institute for Museum Research, Berlin.

Conceived as the documentary part of a broader aesthetic investigation into silent film music, the FMJ Archive results from the scrutiny of a corpus of articles, essays, and reviews published in German-language music and cinema periodicals from around 1907 to the early 1930s.

Each digital object contains the following information:
a) descriptive metadata: author and title of the article, as well as the name and the issue of the journal;
b) full-text transcription and digital scans, when these do not violate copyright restrictions;
c) abstracts of copyright-protected articles;
d) index of quoted names, musical works, and films.

An integrated database allows users to search for individuals (composers, film-makers, music directors, etc.), musical compositions, movie titles, and journal names, or any other free text (to the database).

The FMJ Archive, included all indexes, abstracts, comments, etc., is a scientific product of the FMJ Project Team and is under the responsibility of its leader Dr. Francesco Finocchiaro.

The FMJ Archive has been realized with the technical advice of Michael Hagleitner and the collaboration of Henriette Engelke, John D. Wilson (English abstracts), and Federico Benedetti (transcriptions) and is copyright-protected.

© FMJ Archive, edited by Francesco Finocchiaro
ISSN 2791-4623
DOI 10.25365/phaidra.38