Research Results

The research findings will lead to different kinds of research products, in both digital and printed formats.

Preliminary research results and in-depth studies of representative topics of the journalistic discourse on film music have been discussed at international conferences, such as the Transnational Opera Studies Conference (Bern, July 2017), the International Music Theory Conference (Vilnius, November 2017), and Musical Moments Conference (Salzburg, March 2018).

Among others, this project intersects with the following topics: a) the critical debate concerning the mechanization of musical instruments in film projections; b) the questions arising from film adaptations of opera and the pluri-medial combination of cinema and music theatre; c) the notion of film rhythm and the dichotomy small-scale rhythm vs. macro-rhythmic (or Eurhythmie) in the film theory and practice of the Twenties; d) the relationship of critical activity and compositional practice in authors like Kurt Weill and Paul Dessau.

The comprehensive investigation of these and other related topics will lead to a monographic treatise on the historical aesthetics of film music in the silent era, which is expected for 2020.

The digital open access repository FMJ Archive constitutes the documentary section of this aesthetic investigation. Aside from being hosted on the server of the University of Vienna, a link to the database will also be available on major reference websites for both musicology and film studies (such as institutional sites and reference portals).


Digital Products

FMJ cartolina_03fr

FMJ Archive, edited by Francesco Finocchiaro, DOI 10.25365/phaidra.38




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Conference Papers & Presentations


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Public Communication


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Radio Interview at RAI Radio3 Suite, May 31, 2017.